stupid fatty

Feels like it’s been sch holidays for forever but wow it’s only been half a week :O but well last week’s restructured timetable was so slack it’s almost like no school haha

Highlight of last week was kings lunch on wed! In the morning fj cecilia erica and I were in the same econs lecture and v bored so we (minus erica who was guai and didn’t check phone) went on a ‘lecture walk’ to visit dawn in the canteen hahaha. Then after school ended we went to habitat to eat! I had spaghetti bolognaise which was the most ex out of all of ours I think lol but it was good!! Fj was trying to deny being a gossip “I’m good at listening and caring about other people’s lives!” then forgot who: “yeah and disseminating information” i.e. gossipping hahaha. After that we went udders (i like the mango and strawberry!!) then fj and cecilia had to leave early D: but yup overall had a great time :’)

On thurs I ended up going udders again LOL with zhang ruhui george and random classmates. 4 of us shared a sundae to save money and fats and I wasn’t intending to eat much cos I just had icecream the prev day. But once the icecream is in front of you it becomes meh just eat!!! hahaha whoops. Anyway it was… an interesting experience with jiun harn trying to solve his FE thing on the board o___o then I took bus home with him while the rest went back to school/ marymount.

I’m in melbourne now!!!! Weather is super nice :D uhh didn’t finish my post before leaving but anw nothing much else except assisi- ruhui organized some cip project to decorate the hospice and we all went so it was quite fun! Making the cloth thing and snowmen but I didn’t get to hang up stuff on the christmas trees D: oh and gymmers had an outing to tramp park but I didn’t get to go :'(

I’m typing this on the bus to mount beauty (the base camp place)! Oh I got a very unexpected surprise at the airport haha thank youu :D flight was around 6h but the time zone is 3h ahead here so we left at 10+ and reached at 8+ which seems like a full night’s sleep though I only slept for max 4-5h. And we got both dinner and breakfast hehe x) anw this is a 5h bus ride and so far it’s been trees and grass on both sides of the road plus some animals!! But the animals are never on my side of the road LOL D: And I’m sitting by myself at least for now #antisocial hahaha gonna sleep now!

Have fun not bathing and being smelly with lamkaying” o benji hahahaha and everyone else who has made me laugh these past few days (including the stupid fatty) :’)


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