[taiwan 2013] day 7-8: scenic sun moon lake

Today was a short day so I’m posting again! Yesterday (day 7) was mostly travelling to sun moon lake which took around 6 hours!! but we just sat in the cab and I slept most of the way heh. Today we went around sun moon lake by boat, bicycle and on foot which was quite fun! exercise day haha.

On a side note, it feels like half of Singapore is in taiwan omg I met odac while we were on the east rift valley tour (they were cycling then we drove past ahaha but I saw ruixiang) and saw shamen yesterday cos she cycled past my hotel! And my mum has met 2 or 3 colleagues/ ex-colleagues/ idk. Seriously everywhere you go can see/hear Singaporeans one!! Anyway ok on to the photos!

yesterday we drove along windy mountain roads for 6h!! to get to sun moon lake
碧綠神木, a 3000 year old tree!! lousy photo but the tree is cool
up in the mountains with lots of clouds and fog
ice on the slopes beside the road! it was 1.8 deg and v foggy
what we were supposed to see (the mountains labelled on the signboard) vs we could actually see (white, white and more white)
stopped at this super pretty (and expensive) hotel to take photos x)
view of a small part of sun moon lake from our hotel! can see the fishing boats
today we took a boat tour which stopped at 2 different places around the lake
today we took a boat tour which stopped at 2 different places around the lake
we walked this trail up to 玄奘寺 which was v pretty! but quite tiring omg alps has evidently not helped my fitness D:
lots of spiders there :O I managed to get some nice photos cos I was using the macro lens hehe
for lunch we walked around and bought a variety of food from random stalls x)
then we went cycling along the lake! happened to go past this hot air balloon while they were heating it up heh
making good use of the macro lens heh
sun moon lake!

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