[taiwan 2013] day 9: time for plan C

Woah we just literally spent the whole of today travelling because of unforeseen circumstances haha. We were supposed to take a 4h bus straight from sun moon lake to alishan and we were already on the bus for 1h when the driver suddenly announced that the road further down was closed cos of a landslide. And there’s only that one road between sun moon lake and alishan so we had to turn back and drive back to SML. From there instead of direct bus we’d have to take bus to 台中, then train to 嘉義, then finally bus to alishan. So we went to 台中 and bought tickets for the train already, then had to wait 45min ish. Then while we were waiting this guy approached us, he’s a taxi driver and he offerred to drive us straight to alishan. So we agreed lor cos it was only a bit more ex than the plan B route but faster and a lot more convenient!

So yeah today was practically sitting in buses/car from 9am to 6pm and I slept a lot hahaha. We’re waking up at 3am tmr to see sunrise at alishan, plsss let the weather be nice omg it’s been so cloudy and foggy everyday and it’s drizzling now D:


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