[taiwan 2013] day 10: alishan sunrise

We had to wake up at 3am to see the famous alishan sunrise!! It was cold and rainy in the morning but there were still tons of people taking the train up. Weather was not v good but it was worth all the trouble and lack of sleep cos the scenery at the top and everywhere around the park was still gorgeous!

the train!
walking to the viewing platform in the dark (this photo is with flash if not you probably can’t see anything)

The sunrise part was a bit of a disappointment cos there was kinda no sun, like it gradually got brighter and brighter but couldn’t really see the sun or the colourful sky that you’d normally associate with sunrise

a sea of clouds (云海)
panoramic view from the top!
it was literally one moment clear, the next moment it's just white all around because of the fog
it was literally one moment clear, the next moment it’s just white all around because of the fog

After sunrise there are a few trains to go down but we decided to walk around on the trails. Luckily it was almost all downhill heh we met people climbing uphill (cos after sunrise there are no more trains going up) which must’ve been superr tiring. Anyway yeah the trails were v picturesque too!! We saw the alishan sacred tree also which was huge and v cool, it’s 2300 years old, 45m tall, circumference 12m, in our hotel owner’s words: 挺壮观的!

the autumn colours wowow


After coming down we left alishan for taichung, was almost continuous sitting in the car except for one stop at a hot spring. I never really liked stuff like that cos I can’t stand the heat! But there was a cold pool also so I alternated between hot and cold hahaha

the view from our homestay at alishan

Reached taichung at 6+ and it was dark and rainy there too D: my mum suggested eating fast food cos we had so many days of 小吃 and chinese food already, so we ended up eating mcdonalds for dinner! Simin was so impressed I knew how to say sprite in chinese (雪碧) hahahaha

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