[taiwan 2013] day 11: slacking in taichung

We didn’t really have much planned and were tired from walking everywhere so decided to have a more slack day! Woke up late then took a bus (it’s free if you’re travelling within 8km!) to the taichung maple garden which had some teddy bear exhibition thing, basically there were bears painted with different outfits and stuff which people were queuing to take photos with….

maple garden, quite pretty but not very big and I was expecting maple trees but there weren’t really any??
iron man bear lolol
walked around the area and came across this shop called egg tart factory (蛋塔工場) and bought a box of ice cream egg tarts!! the cheesecake was v good too I sampled it but my parents didn’t wanna buy DD:

Then went to some shopping mall which had food republic! According to my mum it’s from singapore but it looked more posh. We wanted to have lunch at din tai fung (all the stores there advertise the 1 michelin star haha) but it was too crowded so ended up back at food republic. After lunch was time for hobbit!!! Imax 3D hehe it was really super ‘immersive’ and exciting :D My father and I stayed and watched the whole of the credits, is it weird that I like watching credits lol cos it’s amazing to see how it takes sooo many people doing all sorts of things just to make that one movie

din tai fung!! i want D:

Anyway yeah then we went to fengjia night market which imo was the best one we went to, lots of yummy food and relevant shops and it wasn’t extremely crowded like some parts of shilin. But it started raining while we were there so didn’t stay for that long D: ate dinner then left and went to the icecream shop opposite our hotel, Miyahara Ophthalmology Department cos it used to be an eye hospital but it’s now the most famous icecream shop in taichung!

a teh tarik stall lol!!
our cheapest meal in taiwan (about S$10 for 2 of these) which was still v yummy!
eye hospital turned ice cream shop- it’s crazy, they have one whole freezer thing for different kinds of chocolate icecream!!

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