another year over

Looked through my 2013 new year post and here’s how my goals for the year turned out-

– bake successful macarons: uhm I tried (with simin) but I wouldn’t exactly call them successful so nope :(
– make successful, creamy ice cream: some batches were better than others but overall… not really
– train to do pull ups: yes!!! though I suck now after not training the whole holiday
– blog at least once a week on average: 45 posts this year so no :(
– take more photos: definitely yes
– be less affected by people: hmm not sure
– don’t kill my phone: yes haha
– keep my desk neat: nope
– get enough sleep: could be more but not too bad already lah
– make new friends: yes!!
– build a triple castle in tripletown!!: YES HAHA

and of course this is a definite yes :D

Everyone’s posting cool photo collages of the year but meh I will just write about all the people who’ve made this a great year :D

gymmers for being (really noisy but) the funnest group of people to be with

especially my watching-action-movies-in-the-library buddy (and lots more but I can’t think of anything else in particular at the moment) dawn “BLOG ABOUT ME THANKS I was such an integral part of your 2013” hahahaha <3

and tiff for being yourself LOL and who’s been a great captain even though you don’t think so

kings of the mountains :’) doesn’t need an explanation

my class cos despite their uh eccentricities they really are nice people

and my pw group ZZZZ who made the subject so much more bearable

photog people who’re really nice and fun to work with and the retarded stuff like sandwich making competition

alps people!!! especially my team who made the trip super memorable, I’ll never forget all the crazy things we did together- I think joining alps was my best decision of the year

in particular clarie my fellow alps photographer, I really couldn’t have asked for a better tentmate :)

yiqing! who still whatsapps me math questions hahaha we need to go out more!!

and last but not least my sanity support group, so so thankful for all of you cos if not for yall school would really suck

george the “more sociable version of jiun harn” who tells me random things like that fact that coke contains phosphoric acid

ruhui for being a blur sotong and for “girl talk”

wen wen aka zhang, my staying-up-late-to-chiong-pw-groupmate who comes up with things like:

^. .^
(oo)~~ *roll* *squeal*
| |

benji for “bro talk” about everything both retarded and serious, and lepaking in canteen after school (still remember the time we ended up crashing math soc treasure hunt thing) and who insults me all day

the one and only 💩 aka benny potassium hydroxide who’s surprisingly funny on whatsapp, for all our retarded conversations and calling me noob pig

and last but not least sean for being a lousy fat pig :(:)

Ok finally done I hope I didn’t miss anyone out! And I was intending to post this before the year ended but missed it haha oh well.



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