two oh one four


Didn’t see any 2014 quotes/graphics/posts/idk that I particularly liked, so I made my own! And force fitted my new year resolutions in they actually fit what I was thinking of quite well so here are my 2014 new year resolutions:

live better
– eat more healthily: less fast food and junk food, continue my 2 spoons limit when my family eats icecream :((, be more open minded about food that I’d usually be “meh” at eg. vegetables and fish (after alps I have decided that most vegs aren’t that bad)- exercise at least once a week, especially after gym stops :'(
– inspired by alps: be less lazy eg. walk from the mrt station instead of taking bus cos what is 20min compared to 9 days of walking
– keep my things & table organised!!

laugh often and have fun amidst the depressing times ahead

– appreciate the last year of being in school with my friends
– spend time with family, eat dinner at home when possible
– “the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”

and one more from my dad that doesn’t really fit in any category: read newspapers and Time without him having to nag at me

And I traded resolutions with people (like I give them one, they give me one) so in addition to those above I have
from benji: have more girl talk with ruhui
from sean: wear 3 dresses T__T
benji’s: become better friends with people in class
sean’s: not to oversleep for anything (which I secretly hope he fails so I don’t have to wear dresses HAHA)


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