Sorry for the extremely uncreative title but yeah I’m finally posting about my birthday!

First one was on friday when I went sean’s house, he actually managed to wake up on time!!! Didn’t really have any plans so we painted our nails (HAHA) with my bday present nail polish and played cards and watched white chicks which ruhui was like “you MUST watch ok!!” but I didn’t find it thaat good or sick what but ok lah quite funny.

I was lazy to stay up for my birthday cos I thought nobody would wish me anyway but in the end I stayed up and did get wished: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARD!!!!! AM I THE FIRST” and “stay calm and stable and green” and benji being a retard hahahaha and the longest phone call I’ve had in a while!

Thought my birthday would just be some quiet uneventful day at home but nope I woke up and got a shock when sean came into my room hahaha. Had my “breakfast in bed” then went downstairs and got surprised by everyone!! I was v touched that they all woke up so early for me LOL and tiff was very accurate in inviting who to come haha x) hew and sean baked me a huge brownie cake which was v yummy :D (I’d post a group photo here but I generally don’t like posting photos with people publicly so nvm they’re already on fb anyway)

Then tiff and dawn organised a siyan and friends quiz which was abit awkward at first but ended up quite funny! Quite interesting to see how diff people know different things about my life better like yiqing who knows my chinese name (unlike someone ahem LOL) and questions about other people too eg. what is benny’s height hahaha. After that we played pin the nose on the sean and charades then had pizza for lunch! Then we went playground to play water balloons- spent ages filling them up but they were all gone in like 3min!? And george had v good aim LOLOL. Anyway it was v dumb cos they keep bouncing off people and just exploding on the grass D: after using up the water balloons we decided to just get wetter HAHA so we ended up using the garden hose to spray each other and everyone got completely soaked xD then the remaining people (me dawn cecilia yiqing george I think?) just sat at the playground and tried to dry off a bit before they had to leave

Then at night I had my popiah party hahaha more of just normal family dinner lah but with popiah plus chicken wings and sushi :D and had another chocolate cake!

Yeah so overall I think it was my best birthday ever hehe :) got lots of chocolate stuff as presents lolol but more important is all the cards, even the guys who wrote like five lines each but that’s alot by their standards alr hahaha. And sean’s ingenious banner/photobook/card thing and (c)sdcardproductions :’))

I got a super cool camera keychain too from beatrice :)) and during training on monday had another birthday “surprise” but I was really v surprised when sean suddenly appeared hahaha and with twister fries! Gym card was “the equasean” lololol and some things never change, like yiyin writing with green pen on green paper for me x)


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