now or never

^ = words of advice from ms ma hahaha during chem prac last week she gave us some pep talk on “finding your own vision” and stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things, then when we were doing the prac she came around and talked to each of us for a while and she wished me happy birthday LOL! And during tutorial she shared with us about her trips and showed us photos (some from insta one leh hahaha). Anyway ms ma is such a cool person!! Really glad she’s teaching us, if not chem would be so much less interesting/ bearable

Anyway I haven’t blogged much in a while, most significant events in the past 2 weeks are:
– ruhui’s bday celebration, where the guys came my house to bake cake and we faked an “econs project meeting” to surprise her then picnic-ed at botanic gardens
– my bday which I already blogged about
– alps outing on the last day of holidays! was slightly awkward cos not that many people went but overall not bad lah and I bowled for the first time!
– start of school…. homecoming was nothing much (except phoon on stage hahaha) and I didn’t eat breakfast at home cos I thought there was legit “breakfast with your ct” but we just went up to our classroom and weren’t allowed to eat D:
– first training where I miraculously improved after not training for 1.5 months! jiaolian’s making us go significantly faster now, after warm-up start connecting the first half already. my first training was pretty good but now my backlay always v messy D:
– econs project, my group submitted one day late and was still the first to submit LOL and “econs project is so mehh cos im dng new zealand” -benny hahahaha I didn’t get it until he explained
– trying to mug for sat which I am so unprepared for ahh D:
– start of h3- went to register with clarie last week then sat somewhere doing chem tutorial with sean, then jiun harn randomly appeared haha and I ended up taking a long bus ride back with him. Had an interesting conversation cos usually you wouldn’t really know what he thinks so yeah I got to know him a little bit better I guess! The actual start of h3 was meh cos it was just an “intro lecture” but good thing is that it was quite short so I went back for gym. Oh at one point the lecturer was saying something like “the fastest way to contact me would be through email, because I check my email very regularly, as most people do nowadays” which made me think “omg he sounds like jiun harn” then 2 seconds later benny went “he sounds like jiun harn” LOLOL he really does!!! Nobody will understand this unless they’ve heard jh talk before but nevermind hahaha I was very amused
– last alps session yesterday aka probably the only time I was happy to wake up early on a monday haha. Our team’s photo montage was done by jack, so much for “Don’t keep your hopes too high, I used Microsoft excel” LOL it was really good!! He included all the stupid photos like ____ peeing, and at the end he put everyone’s name and photo one by one and weideng was labelled “burden” HAHAHA. And all the things that nobody else will understand like mac and cheese and doe a deer :’)

Yesterday after training we folded up the tramp (with kern choong’s help, luckily he was there man if not nobody knows what to do lolol). Then today we moved everything to the other end of school, it was not as bad as I expected cos we had quite a lot of befrienders deployed by wannee to help us. Speaking of which, I never knew she was i/c for open house!! Wow it’s such a huge event I can’t imagine what it’s like being in charge of the whole thing, settling the gym booth was complicated enough alr lolol. Anyway the main thing was bringing the tramp down the staircase, tmr we’ll have to bring it UP omgg. And we had to bring more mats than we’d intended cos mr tan didn’t think it was safe (but like someone pointed out, during tramp comps there aren’t even mats at the sides!!) So we + the befrienders carried everything to the ISH, and at first some badminton people came and told us we couldn’t set up cos they had training later… But the councillors overruled them >D so we set up the tramp with everyone else in the ISH looking at us hahaha. Jazlee, junwei and qiwei voluntarily came to help move and set up the stuff too which was really nice!

The whole school has been spending so much effort preparing for open house haha hope it goes well!!!

School life has been normal but the next few weeks will probably be busier cos of proper start of h3 and deck the walls! I’m taking band, touch rug and hockey haha quite exciting but scary cos you only have one chance to take a photo which will be displayed on the walls for 1 year :O


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