I decided that I should post more often even if they’re shorter posts so I’m blogging for the second day in a row! Actually it’s just cos I’m a lot freer thanks to open house hahaha idk if it’ll last but I’ll try

Oh in my last post I missed out class breakfast last thursday- was supposed to be a breakfast+civics thing but it ended up being one third of the class talking to ms tan, one third MUGGING and the rest (including me) slacking at the side lololol. I got paid $20 out of our $60 budget to bake muffins for everyone heh but everything was used up buying ingredients anyway.

muffins! chocolate and blueberry+cranberry


Open house today was not very exciting… I came to school super early and sat with benji and george, then went up to MPH and helped george blow red cross balloons before going to the gym booth. We all just took turns to jump but other than the guys we didn’t really dare to do flips other than backlay soo not very impressive haha but hopefully people who don’t know still found it cool? I did c/b div minus the flips hahahaha so long never do facedrop etc already! And we all had to wear leotards (even the guys HAHA but only reudi took off his shirt) which was just a little bit attention-attracting when we were walking around school. And our rhythmic gymmers kept disappearing!! Once I was playing with the ribbon then some guy asked me to do a twirl so I tried….. and me and dawn’s ball kicking thing hahahaha. Towards the end our booth got invaded by the j3 ex rgymmers but it was good cos they did cool stuff LOL (unlike us).

I went to visit photog and alps booths too! But overall it felt like there weren’t a lot of people, even during house procession and school cheers the whole tent was full of our own school people :/ the house cheers were cool but the way they stomped(??) on the stage was very scary hahaha. Also benny and sean suck!! I went to support their performances then they never come visit gym booth D< but we were beside the fencing demo space in the ISH so I watched zhang fence xD at first dawn and I thought the side that the green light is on = that person’s point and zhang never got any green light so we thought he sucked hahaha but later yucai explained the light thing!

Clearing up was way faster than bringing the stuff there yesterday! A ton of guys came to help us shift mats + carry the tramp up the stairs and we thanked them by giving them our 100plus x)

Having a bit of the going-to-fall-sick feeling sigh I shall go sleep now. First real h3 lecture tmr :x and badminton for pe!!


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