I’m giving myself 1h on my laptop before starting work cos I really need to mug sat!! It’s in 1 week and I’ve barely done anything :x anyway I’ve kinda tried using pinterest a little and it seems like a more organised tumblr because you re-pin stuff into different boards rather than just everything together. But I don’t even update my tumblr that much anymore so I think I’ll stay away from pinterest unless I’m really v free haha

I woke up at 8am today!! Record for a weekend morning though it was cos someone messaged me, I accidentally left my phone on my bed so its vibration woke me up. But I was quite awake! probably cos I’ve been sleeping 8h the past few nights xD I’m ok already, except yesterday during training my stomach was pain for no apparent reason ._. so didn’t jump that much, I think I only jumped like 5 times the whole training haha my barani kept ending up flying to the corner D< but I connected back pike to dive!!! My back pike isn’t very stable so was quite scary but still not too bad lah at least can connect! Yiyin’s everything is really nice

Yesterday was also gym’s deck the walls photoshoot! Matthew yeo came to shoot for us and he brought a ton of lighting equipment :O we only decided on our formation on the day itself haha the girls did splits in a semicircle, then the guys were trying out what they could do- we all died laughing at them cos they were trying the fan thing but failing badly, one time they all fell backwards and ended up under the tramp LOL. And they all carried jazlee who did the dawn puppets kick thing hahahaha amanda: “jazlee is gay!!!”. In the end they just did a 3-2-1 pyramid with jazlee in the sir stamford raffles pose on top. We took a thousand shots until everyone was dying already, the guys were like “can we do splits instead” and all the girls split until cannot get up hahaha. But the photo turned out v cool :D and our action shots matthew did stuff with the lights haha he’s so good!

Friday is our tutorials day but at least it’s a short day! After assembly we went to the library to borrow sat books and wait for the queues to lessen, then had lunch in school then me benji sean sat at raja attempting to do work but it was crazy windy. Sean went for his raffles trails thing then after a while more benji and I went to visit him and see the astro booth/ wander around the rest of the booths in the hall, then we stood at the gym there and listened to band before I went for gym!

Ok priorities for the weekend are mug sat and research for dtw!!


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