lazy weekend

There is seriously something wrong with me, I woke up at 8 again today LOL

I love weekends like this where there’s not that much work to do! Just mugging sat and uh possibly some other homework that I haven’t started yet but it’s okay there’s still the whole of today- when you wake up early it feels like you have so much more time! I’ve already done one practise paper (minus the essay heh) and it’s only 11+, usually at this time I’d have just woken up hahaha.

Simin and I are trying to learn to play the guitar!! She was watching videos and suddenly decided that she wanted to learn so my mum dug out her old guitar, she and my uncle know how to play cos they learnt last time haha cool right! Pressing the strings is v painful after a while and idk how to strum nicely but I learnt 3 chords x) though playing the guitar is only cool if you can sing along well so ….. lolol

No more alps tmr :'( though that means I can wake up late for once hahaha yay!!!

This is a really short post but I have nothing else to blog about, back to sat now I guess


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