end of a hectic week

I’ve barely rested much and it’s back to school again tomorrow D: but at least it’s a short week yay for cny!

My laptop is being really slow cos I’m converting the dtw photos from raw to jpeg, it’s gonna take forever sigh. And I’m only done with one out of the 3 ccas I took for (“done” meaning I edited the team shots and some others and left the rest cos it was too much work) ahh why did all 3 have to be in the same week x__x

Touch rug’s was on wed, I had a completely packed day from the morning to 9 cos it was lessons + I skipped a bit of math to shoot rimo, had a short break, then gp was essay on arts topics where I wrote “Does technology enhance the arts?” and gave lots of very general examples cos I didn’t have specific ones lolol. Then chem prac which was the 14min to chiong everything one, it was quite fun! I kinda overshot all the orange end points but whatever hahaha. After chem I chionged down to eat lunch, then went to shoot touch rug with munaya- it was a bit weird cos munaya used to be in touch rug but she broke her arm and had to quit :/ we took their team shot which can be best described as a taupok pyramid LOL then they took forever to decide on action shot.

After that we went to help out for photog trials! At first I didn’t have anything to do so was feeling quite useless, but after a while I swapped with yuanning and sat outside the room to tell the j1s what to do. Their trials were pretty cool lor it was a mini photomarathon around school where they had to take photos of things that look like alphabets. It’s quite interesting cos usually you wouldn’t ever notice such things but when you’re looking out for letters, they suddenly appear everywhere! Met george while bringing my photomarathon group around and he told me about his red cross interviews haha. At 5.30 my group went back to get interviewed and I sat in for fun and helped type out their responses for a while until I had to go off for gym.

Thurs was my only less crazy day, after school had h3 then sean and I went starbucks at nus! There wasn’t 1 for 1 so we just got the chocolate peanut butter stack thing 8) then I just went home and slept v early hahaha

On fri ___ came and joined us during recess and lunch….. and wts zhang..?! Anyway sean george benji and I escaped to the library lololol I did one sat paper! After the rest left benji and I went to get waffle again hahaha then I met linh and we took photos for band dtw. Band photoshoot was amusing, they were in 3 rows but the back couldn’t be seen v well so I suggested getting benches from ri canteen, not realising that they were joined to the tables. But some of them went and carried the whole table+benches thing over to the parade square hahahaha. Action shot was quite weird cos they didn’t know what they wanted to take also so we tried to arrange them and just take random photos of them playing their instruments… hope some turn out nice enough! Oh and I met mr wang (the nus high one) who was in school for rimo and had a really weird conversation with him LOL

We had gym trials during training, tiff was sick so she smsed me and amanda to “make sure chan is nice and pleasant” though I’m pretty sure he scared all of them at first cos when he was talking about safety “if you fall, don’t use your hands to support, otherwise you may fracture your arm” HAHA. We let them try both art and tramp but seems like almost all want to join tramp :O jiaolian came up with this thing where you lie flat down on the tramp and try to keep your body tightened while someone jumps and makes you bounce around, we made the j1s try it and they were… amused LOL jiaolian’s weird ideas. But yay we’ll actually have new juniors! Before this it was just isabelle and codee- oh reudi v funny he purposely acts scary to our juniors so he won’t end up like a pang, but that day he had to be nice to the new j1s, codee and isabelle were like “how come he so nice to them then so scary to us one” hahahaha

Yesterday morning was SATs! Essay was meh but I hope I don’t have any careless mistakes!!! Checked through all the other sections so many times man. I was at st francis (in bukit timah) cos I signed up late and there wasn’t any other available test venue, so ended up going for lunch after with dawn! Had chicken rice at rail mall and I regret buying a drink cos after that we ate icecream at sugalite, someone didn’t wanna share so I got one scoop of cookie monster which was good! :D so much better than brownice haha

Came home then followed my cousin and uncle to the library! I haven’t been there in so long that I couldn’t find my library card lol but I managed to unblock my ezlink card. Hope I have time to read the books I borrowed!! Oh when I was randomly looking around I found this book that’s supposed to be a guide to the bible for children, it’s like q&a on different stuff from the bible and one of them was something like “how did the first humans on earth get here?”, the answer was the adam and eve stuff, then it said “scientists who don’t believe in god think that other animals lived on earth millions of years ago, and the first humans descended from them by a theory which they call ‘evolution'” errrr whutt. And its answer to where did the universe come from was that god created it, “scientists believe that the universe created itself in what they call the ‘big bang’. If they think the universe can create itself in a fraction of a second, surely it isn’t that inconceivable that god could create it in a day” much logic lol

my mum’s work of art

Had steamboat for tuan yuan fan! Simin and I got forced to eat zhu gan which was sooo bad omg. Gene brought his speed stacking cups and I tried doing haha it’s not that hard!! But must practise until you can do it super fast without failing then it looks cool.

Ok time to start on my tutorials which I haven’t touched the whole weekend :'(


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