I connected the whole routine today!!!!! Was quite tired at the start of training cos I just woke up (everyone disappeared after sch today so I went to the gym and did hw then took a nap) but got more energised after jumping! Our tramp only had 3 people so the round went v fast. We did 前半套 and 后半套 already then still had a lot of time and jiaolian made me connect! It’s so scary haha the first time I ended up doing a 3/4 front somer for dive. And jiaolian is forever nagging atme for my arms lol. He timed me and amanda’s routines and my best was 15.3s! Jumping high (/trying to jump higher cos usually I don’t) really helps cos it forces you to try going up more and you get more time in the air so it doesn’t feel so rushed. But yayyy!!! :D

School has been normal but there are little funny moments every day like “good morning ms horse” and everyone “thanking” zhang for giving us a class test LOL. And tmr we get to eat cny stuff for civics!!


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