day to play

Did anyone else notice yesterday’s sky, it was really beautiful!!

full moon
the full moon! risked my life standing in the middle of the road to take this photo but it was worth it
aurora singaporis (just kidding it’s the flare from a street lamp!)

I was on the way home from gym (had to take bus by myself but it turned out to be a blessing cos if not I wouldn’t have seen the sky) and very tired from the whole day so I just wanted to go home and sleep asap, but I literally stopped and admired/ tried taking photos of the sky for at least 10 minutes. And I discovered that my phone camera can even take photos of stars so I’m pretty impressed with it!

Oh yeah I finally changed phone! My considerations were 1. not iphone or samsung, too mainstream 2. not sony, I had one before 3. not LG, somehow I don’t like the design of their phones 4. not htc cos then I might as well just stick with my htc desire x which I was quite happy with. So I was left with no choice but nokia I decided to try getting a windows phone cos aesthetically they’re v nice and ya just try a new system for fun! My sis thinks I’m weird hahaha but it’s really not bad what, yeah it might not have a ton of apps but why would I need a ton of apps, there’s everything I need so that’s good enough for me. And I love the screen!!

Haven’t had time to blog cos I have long days almost every day and when I come home I just want to eat shower and sleep. On tuesday benji came to my house to make chocolate peanut butter cups for his valentine LOL and I made a chocolate cheesecake too! Getting a sore throat from eating too much chocolate sigh oh I got ferrero rocher and kinder bueno from my “secret admirer”s hahaha yay :DD

Had to wake up ridiculously early for take 5, sean didn’t want to take the monorail (ihni why) so we met at harbourfront then walked to sentosa! It was funner than I’d expected cos a few of our classmates joined and luhao and benji were very good entertainment throughout the walk x) it took us almost an hour but we were only a bit late! Watched tiff and beatrice perform (if yall see this good job guys!!!) then went to join our class picnic. Egg sandwich and chips and fruits! And frisbee-playing but our frisbee flew into the sea thanks to jiun harn HAHA. Spent most of the day with benji and george, we wandered around and played the obstacle course racing thing- other people were lousy and just took their time but our races were INTENSE hahaha and we played multiple times until the guys somehow had quite bad abrasions?? We watched the teachers captain’s ball too mr teo vs ms ma!!! They both not bad haha even benji was impressed

We walked to the far end of tanjong beach and back thinking we’d see benny playing captain’s ball but didn’t find him, just random people playing other games lor and our teachers playing frisbee with the frisbee people! And every time we walked past sean & band gang they’d all wave to me LOL. Oh he went out with band after take 5 so throughout the afternoon everyone who saw me asked “where’s sean” then “what?!? he ditched you on valentines’ day??!?!” hahahaha aiya it’s one day!

Celebrated benji’s birthday at the end of take 5! We hid wasabi in a green tea cupcake but this zhang wen went to keep it in his bag and when he took it out all the frosting got destroyed LOL. So impromptu change of plans, we caked him instead hahaha. Then we went for lunch at rws malaysian food street! At first it was like a weird triple date with ruhui zhang, benji deangee plus me plus george lololol but deangee went home so benji joined the single gang. The food was good! Not cheap but quite cool because the whole place is designed to look like a real street with stalls in each building. After that we went back to vivo and ruhui zhang made their disappearance, leaving george benji and I to wander around vivo haha it’s seriously huge!!! I don’t get why it’s so crazy crowded though it’s like at one end of the island… the guys got koi and I got ice lemon tea from the supermarket hahaha then we sat at random lepak places and talked about random things. Had a good time with them! :)

Then met yiyin and we went back to school for training. Everyone was v tired so jiaolian said we could end early! We did a bit of jacknives and superman then 400 calf raises!! then 400 jumps on the tramp with the vest weights. Still tiring but I’m glad we did that instead of moves lah I’m quite sure I’d just fly everywhere if I tried to connect.

Got my SAT results and yay I fall into the range where I don’t get slapped or laughed at by benny hahaha. My essay got 6 D: but other than that it was good!


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