Got this email during lunch today and omggg I am still in shock

tumblr radar email tumblrradar!!!

It has 4000 notes now askjghasdkfjaha and our number of followers increased by 600% within a few hours hahaha this is seriously too cool!!!!! The photo is here if anyone wants to check it out :D

This has been a very good week for me so far heh 1. the tumblr thing obviously :D 2. training yesterday was good! I did a pretty good routine and everyone can connect consistently already (even cheok who is still low and scary but gets higher than jazlee now) so proud of all of us :)) 3. I got back my repaired phone!!! And it cost $20 less than the quote though it’s still quite a lot but nevermindd 4. benny’s birthday yesterday, sean and I baked a tiramisu cake and made cool cards and gave him a bottle of beer hahaha (I bought it from the supermarket and they didn’t even ask for my ic lol!) 5. had a random funny time with tiff today, she sat with me in the darkroom cos I was cutting photos to frame, then we went chan-stalking LOL 6. just had dinner with benji and george haha love our funny conversations!

sean's cards
sean’s emoji cards




also tramp comps is in one month :OO really need to improve on consistency and hope my ankle is ok argh


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