i am number four

uhh sorry lame title but I couldn’t think of anything better so… my number tag for comps! (with maverick who was like “si liao” hahaha)

Haven’t had time/ enough motivation to post even with everything that’s been happening the past two weeks, there’s been unexpected drama in both class and gym. For the class one there’s a lot I still don’t understand but will just ignore it till after cts, hopefully things will become less strange?? Either that or this will become the new norm I guess. The gym one was just bad timing lah jiaolian always said that all 6 of us can jump for comps but on the last training mr tan suddenly told us that only 5 people can jump, and we had to discuss among ourselves to decide who to be ‘reserve’. Turned out so emotional and drama lol and I suppose it could’ve been better handled lah but nevermind it’s over

Today is a bad day sigh because _____, my phone died again (similar problem to last time except I really didn’t do anything to it seriously argh), and I fell off the tramp during practice session lol. It was cos I didn’t wait for the tramp and my backlay flew v front, then tried to barani backwards abit but somehow the next thing I saw was the edge of the tramp, I landed one foot on the blue part then my other leg kinda slid down and I ended up on the floor T__T was pretty scary though I think the rest were more scared than me hahaha I didn’t exactly have time to think while flying off… luckily nothing worse but I got scraped at my right hamstring there and semi-sprained my left ankle- ahhh really hope it will get better by tmr and not affect my jumping!! I managed to continue jumping after that so I hope it shouldn’t be too bad…?

Anyway wow it still seems so unreal that comps is tomorrow!!! It’s more or less the end of our trampolining lives haha so all I’m hoping is that everyone gets to perform to the best of their ability within that 30 seconds! Tramp is such a scary sport cos you have one chance and like jiaolian said, it really comes down to who does better in that o n e routine. Especially with crash dive in A div which just ups the uncertainty lol you could do a really nice routine but fail the last move, and lose to someone who completed even if theirs was uncontrolled and un-neat :/ (on a side note, today I realised that all the routines are kinda similar haha c, b and adiv 8.5 are pretty much the same and the 8.5 routine is quite similar to the 10 one! interesting but v confusing) yeah so hope everyone connects!!!! And everyone has a 3/11 chance of indiv hahaha not sure if that’s realistic but can always aim high!

So thankful for my batchmates and for how far we’ve come together :)) last comps ever, we can do this!!!


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