little things

Nothing very significant has happened but I decided that I need to start posting again before I end up neglecting my blog forever

Got to miss school yesterday for linear alg test which I found quite okay, managed to finish everything (hopefully all correctly) and now it’s completely over!! Until we get results which might be next year lol, the whole bell curve thing is quite depressing cos you see people like jiun harn going “did they accidentally set a very easy paper??” so well hoping for the best

Anyway I’m very free now with no more H3 plus gym only once a week! Training has been very aimless since after comps but ok lah it’s gotten better, on monday we all helped to teach the new j1s front somer and back drop and it’s heartening to see them trying hard :) the new exco has been chosen also and the interview was useless haha, the voting outcome was slightly unexpected but yeah hope they’ll all still work together and do their jobs well.

Also I’ve been trying to learn free cart under angelia’s coaching and on monday I DID IT!!!! though from abit higher to lower ground and very inconsistent but still yayy haha :D I always thought free cart was v cool!

On saturday I went for dinner + grease with sean’s family and it was a very interesting experience haha they ordered a 2 litre barrel of alcohol and finished that plus one more pint!

I think I’ve improved loads for tennis! It’s our morning PE and at first I was like noo why cos I suck at tennis (I got needs improvement when we did it in sec 4) but yeah now I can at least serve and return balls with some chance of success x)

Ok yup these are some of the random things that I’ve been doing haha I’ll try to blog more now that I’m freer!


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