so much to do

V cool quote that I found on pinterest!

Just finished doing my resume thing for tmr, hope it goes well and is helpful in some way! There are so many choices- which course which country which uni which college… how are we even supposed to know what’s good for us :| Also it’s increasingly feeling like there’s so much to do but so little time DD: approaching the last week of term already, after which is gear up then sean’s bday then pre u sem then sat x__x

Was feeling sick ish today cos my nose was being horrible, and for once I wasn’t hungry even after 4 blocks of lessons in the morning (usually after 2 blocks I get hungry already). But I realised it fits with my theory of being like this once a month lol so I guess it’s good cos I’m not actually sick and it’ll be over soon!

Highlight of the day was PE where we played basketball against dawn’s class! I got tricked by stupid jolene tan shouting my name from behind argh but I scored once :D mr teo came and played with some of the guys after PE and wow he’s super good (and tall!!)


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