Spent most of today packing all my physics, chem and econs stuff and yay now I feel so much more organised and ready to start studying properly! I gave up on ring files cos it’s extremely annoying to take out stuff at the bottom, so now they’re slotted into boxes with post-its marking every chapter so everything is easily accessible :D I think from looking at my room/table you wouldn’t guess I’m Judging (mbti) but it’s like… I like things to be organised but I don’t have a habit of keeping them organised consistently so over time the mess just piles up. And also cos I don’t really use my table for doing work or anything so the mess doesn’t bother me that much!

Oh anyway I decided not to privatise my blog because sometimes I post stuff that I actually want to share with other random people, and also I like reading other people’s (public) blogs so should leave mine open for other people to read too (ok this is not a very logical reason but nvm).

It’s already the second week of june hols!!!! My first week disappeared with pre u sem, didn’t know what it’d be like but it turned out a lot more slack and fun than how it sounds! Had to report crazy early on monday morning, but there wasn’t that much to do and benny and I got assigned the most boring game, which also means the least prep haha so we spent the morning slacking around in PGP and doing retarded things like balancing on random stumps cos we were too bored. After everyone else came back from opening ceremony we had the games (which was boring cos ya we had the least fun game) then check-in then dinner! The rooms were the lousiest type with shared toilets, and I helped someone catch a cockroach in her room lolol but still ok lah it was nice and windy at night!

The second day was more slack time cos I stayed at PGP again while sean went on the fieldwork with the group. Our team’s theme was Assurance, with the subtheme Early Investments for Life’s Uncertainties – don’t you think it sounds like an insurance advertisement hahaha. At first they wanted to focus on the national security kind of thing, but for the fieldwork we got a kindergarten so we were like huh what’s the link. But it doesn’t really matter I guess cos they had fun with the kids! And legitly got inspired by them cos it’s not the average kindergarten- they get an ‘arts education’ and the focus isn’t on academics but on ‘soft skills’. Like they have projects (at kindergarten!!!) and the kids make duty rosters for themselves which is super cute. Too bad we couldn’t all have gone for the fieldwork D:

There was a panel discussion thing too, our LT had Ong Ye Kung, Wally Tham (a video producer) and Ang Bee Lian (social service veteran). Mr Ong seems super knowledgeable haha he somehow linked one of the questions to pro/eukaryotes and gave us a bio lesson?! Overall it was a bit boring cos they talked for v long and most of the questions/answers had nothing to do with my team’s focus. But one thing that really struck me was when they were answering a question on work-life balance, I can’t remember who but at least one of them said that work-life balance is a choice which I think is quite true! People always seem to complain about being super busy and stressed etc but in the end, (assuming you aren’t working super hard to just get by or sth) it’s really your choice whether to work so hard for that promotion/ that A/ whatever, or to just sua and live a bit. Oh Mr Ong also said in his “advice to young people” that it is important to date and find time for dating and stuff hahaha cool guy. But that also led me to think about whether it’s realistic to think that people would make that choice to have more of the ‘life’ in work-life balance…? Like if a very hardworking student suddenly decides that he doesn’t want to work so hard anymore, his parents/ friends/ teachers would see it as slacking and push him to go back to working hard. So welll I guess the point of this is that it’s okay to choose to slack off a bit sometimes because studying =/= you, there are other stuff you can do that are equally worth your time!

Oh on the second day during dinner huishi (huishi, sean and I were our team’s SLOs) was stalking sean’s insta and discovered our “secret” and told the team, it was v funny cos everyone was super shocked and amused hahahaha. It wasn’t purposely kept a secret but like we were just normal, and I’m glad we did haha cos if people know from the start then they might keep a distance and we wouldn’t have made friends with other people (esp huishi) so well. And my team made origami roses to give sean to give me for our anniversary (which was during pre u sem lol) hehe :’) so I guess it turned out well!

Wow this has been my longest post in a while, I still have more to say about pre u sem haha but I wanna sleep now (I woke up at 7+ this morning to go run with my mum!! Running sucks sigh but at least I feel like I’m doing something to keep active)


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