Overseas unis and towns are soo pretty ahh the cool old architecture and surroundings and everything! Researching unis has become a pastime of mine, both cos it really is relevant and also it’s interesting to compare the different unis- my favourite photo isn’t actually of any building but go see, imagine that being a part of your school *-* (honestly I think the photo was edited and the place probably doesn’t really look so atmospheric and cool irl, but I really love that photo- the fogginess and silhouettes and rays of light woah)

Yesterday was my last PE lesson ever :'( we played floorball with random subbing after each goal, it was as intense and messy as ever haha but dawn and jolene joined too so it was more fun! After that we went to play basketball with benny’s co friends and it was v funny cos dawn and jolene came to play too and we were all pretty useless (though jolene can shoot wow rgym skills and I think I’m improving!!), there was once where they were standing beside each other but weren’t paying attention, then someone passed the ball there and it just bounced in between them and went out HAHA. Hope we’ll continue playing games once in a while but sigh I also need to start running more in preparation for a 10k run that I agreed to go for…

On another note, I’m going for grad night lolol I’m seriously surprised that the trampers table is really happening cos there are just nice 10 of us, I thought there’ll surely be a few people wanting to go with their classes then gym one cannot form alr but everyone actually said yes! Ok except jazlee LOL but 9/10 is pretty impressive already. I think the forming tables thing is very interesting cos it’s like seeing which social circles people prioritize, though it’s also quite based on chance like a group may be quite close but it depends on whether there are enough people who want to form that table, which would convince the rest to join (like what happened with gym I guess), or vs if enough people have other tables that they’ve agreed to go with, then the rest of the group will give up and find other people too. Anyway well I hope it’ll be fun (and worth the $95)!


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