time is ticking

The title reminds me of gym concert “hey big foot!” “hey little foot” “what’s the time now, big foot?” “it’s 7.30, time is ticking! tick tock tick tock….” LOLOL

But yeah time is really flying by and in a few months jc will be over! Having mixed feelings about it cos having a ton of free time after As sounds great but it also means starting to take charge of my own life :O and no more seeing everyone regularly in school. I think I’ve been quite a passive friend in terms of being the one to initiate a conversation or suggest going out so sorry guys :/ Sean was saying that it’s a good thing people often ask us math (or other subjects) questions so it serves as a way to keep talking to them, and ya I really agree! So uhh to anyone’s reading this, feel free to ask more questions if you need hahaha and I will try to be less passive in my friendships!

I have been sleeping at least 10h every night since thursday LOL and after thursday my productivity has dropped sharply (I sound like yiyin HAHA sorry yiyin but you’re always tweeting about productivity!). Thurs was an unexpectedly good day though! I was one of the v little j2s at assembly and dawn joined my class cos none of her other classmates were there (our ct told my class that it was compulsory so a lot of us actually turned up). I thought it’d be still ok to go for tday and pass our class’ cards to the teachers but they gave most of the cards during the concert which I ponned, so the tday part ended up quite useless. But I stayed in school and studied with dawn, which was a much-needed change from all the time spent with guys haha the stuff they talk about is really weird most of the time o__o. Plus they always have this nobody-can-start-eating-until-the-last-person-gets-their-food thing which I find (and dawn agrees) really stupid!!

Also sigh I cannot decide whether I would rather study in the US or UK?? It’s like breadth vs depth and I think breadth sounds more interesting but also takes one whole more year, and the UK system seems much more similar to Singapore’s plus most of my friends are aiming there and it’s so much easier to apply for. And like tiff said, US sounds scary because of all the school shootings and rapes but all the adults have been telling me that the US is the place to study comp science because all the silicon valley and stuff are there which makes sense too. bleh :(

Anyway to anyone reading this, jiayou with studying!!!


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