almost done

I don’t get why the mcq papers can’t just be put together with paper 2 or 3 bleh but I guess having to study the same subject repeatedly will help you remember it better for next time! I think for econs after studying the subject for a longer time you somehow internalize the ideas better and don’t need to cram that much, but for the sciences you seriously need to practise and be very familiar with every detail :/ I’ve been slacking quite a lot after papers every day lolol I rmb after our first paper last week jolene said “I feel as though As are over already” LOL. Had premature post-prelims outing yesterday at macs to eat seaweed shaker fries! We got mcwings and nuggets meals to share but it ended up being me, sean and chowxiang eating the fries and the rest eating the nuggets and wings (ok I took one wing) hahaha.

The papers have mostly pretty nonstandard I think and urgh dumb mistakes like improve at running 2.4km = your timing DECREASES afkajsdh. After every paper some of my class will congregate at the lockers to discuss the paper v loudly, I hope we aren’t annoying other people… and oh this benny LOL every time when we discuss qns after a paper he gets “annoyed” and covers his ears/ complains that we always discuss exams too much but then when it comes to a qn he is interested in he will jump in enthusiastically and start debating with george…….

Anyway right before prelims started it was dawn’s bday! Tiff and I improved from last year by wishing her at midnight and telling her sorry but we wanna study (last year we didn’t wish so she knew sth was up). So despite her mum’s “dawn knows all your tricks already” HAHA it was a v successful surprise!! We bought a huge bag of food plus ice cream and an iphone box which she almost really believed hahahah x) spent the day studying physics while they studied bio and omg when we told dawn’s mum we were gonna study she was like “you need to study one meh??” why does everyone do this to me LOLOL

During the sept hols my family went to watch Planet Earth in Concert, basically it’s a screening of films about animals and the environment in different parts of the world, with live music by SSO. It was vv good!! The huge screen with amazing videos from underwater/ birds eye view/ time lapse/ slow mo were really incredible. There was one section about the people filming also which was funny but amazing also, some of them had to wait for weeks, hiding and waiting for the animals to appear. I was rly wowed haha and it made me wanna be a wildlife photographer/ film-er?? My dream job haha either that or to have an icecream/ baking shop! Anyway go watch the trailer:


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