Soo I got back some papers today and the most surprising result is A FOR GP!!!!! Really completely unexpected wow (although apparently ms tan doesn’t think so LOL cos she makes everyone say their marks aloud to check, so when it came to me the class was like woahhh but she went “is that very surprising??” and in my mind I was like ya?!!?) The only thing I did for gp was read newspapers every day during the few days before the exam and wow it really helped, most of my examples were about ebola cos it was on the newspapers every day.

Getting back results periods always make me thankful for my parents for never pressurizing me for exams. When I look at my class I find it really sad how some of them get 2 Bs and honestly think “shit I failed” or “my dad is gonna scold me” :S yesterday at physics we saw a guy from another class going “omg I passed!!!” which kinda puts things into perspective? I mean it’s good to aim for A but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get it….. I think in most cases it’s parents’ expectations that affect their kids’ mindsets and make them so stressed over exams sigh.

I finally played my wii again after years of not touching it hahaha played mario kart with benny benji sean george, then again with dawn tiff jolene after gym sleepover! It’s cool how in this age of digital revolution (??) where phones and stuff get obsolete after a year, my wii has provided entertainment for my family and people who come to my house since I was like P5? Anyway I finally learnt how to unlock new races thanks to benny HAHA. And there weren’t enough batteries for the controllers so we tried out the ‘life hack’ thing- use a smaller battery then stuff aluminum foil beside it to connect the circuit, it really works!!!!

My sis introduced me to this Korean reality show that has super cute kids! Go watch here you’ll confirm fall in love with them hahahaha: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kYq9hEDYE94


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