it is too soon to say

Wow I can finally read newspapers and random stuff online without purposely trying to remember the names of people or events or companies (nowadays when I want to say companies the first word that comes to my mind is FIRMS LOL). GP exams were today and I don’t get how they forgot to print the instructions on the essay paper??? I thought the essay questions were more write-able than last year’s and the compre passage was very relateable and easy to understand compared to like the technocracy one, but I was wondering “isn’t there a Singaporean actor called sth like Zhou Enlai too o__o” (he’s Chua Enlai hahahaha). And my AQ was pretty bad D:

oh well GP is over!!!

A picture from Humans of New York was on my news feed just now so I clicked on it and ended up spending a lot of time looking at all the recent posts. It’s so engrossing haha I could spend all day looking at the photos and the quotes! It’s such a meaningful use of photography and the guy manages to get people to talk about such personal and sad things :o it makes things like inequality so real and human (as opposed to when we write about them in econs essays). But there’s some v cute stuff too especially the kids!!


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