All the angst over the inverse t in today’s paper lolol it’s sad that even the most attentive and hardworking h2 student probably couldn’t have gotten it cos even if they’d thought of using t-test, they wouldn’t know about the degrees of freedom and converting sample mean to unbiased estimate of population mean. And yiqing asked me about it in the morning but I’d never heard of it before so I told her it wouldn’t come out but IT DID adkfjd sorry yiqing :(

It’s also so silly that every year if something “new” comes out in exams, it’ll be added to the teaching syllabus so future batches of students get familiarized with it and practise that type of question. But then examiners will think of more creative stuff to test and the cycle repeats itself. So over time the amount of content teachers have to teach (= the amount of content students have to mug) will just keep increasing forever! What happened to “being able to adapt to new situations, … and to think on your feet” and “You will be encouraged to think critically and innovatively” (moe) man. Sigh okay I may be taking this too seriously cos in any field standards should increase over time as people learn from each other and from the past (this reminds me of “competition breeds success” and also the “learning by doing” thing in dynamic CA LOL).


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