studying and thinking

This bunch of mini SUTD posters came in the mail today!

2014 sutd

I love their advertising/branding and it seems like a really cool uni with the “liberal sciences” curriculum (as george calls it). And I’m a sucker for the whole “change the world through technology and design” idea. (though I don’t actually know if the people and campus actually live up to the coolness that they try to advertise, probably not but I would think it’s definitely more interesting than NUS.) Wow I think I’m totally the kind of student they’re trying to attract and well it seems to be working!

…Except that I’m hoping to go overseas to study. Sometimes I wonder why I choose to go through all the trouble of researching, writing essays, applying for overseas unis and then gonna have to apply for scholarships too. If that works out well, it’s pretty much the next ten years of my life decided woah!! Okay not really decided cos there will still be choices I can make and different paths I could take (rhymes!) but it’ll be within one organisation. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll happily go to SUTD x) But yeah I’ve been thinking about it and realised/decided that I want to study overseas because it’ll be a super different experience from the rest of my life! I mean even in the future it’s unlikely that I’ll get to stay overseas for a few years so it’s an exciting opportunity. As for scholarships, ya they kinda are a means to get to the studying overseas part but I’m definitely gonna seriously consider whether I want to work at an organisation before applying for its scholarship. Though my parents keep telling me “you can always just apply, even if you eventually decide it’s not for you it’s ok cos you’ll be getting experience at interviews!” hahaha.

Oh did anyone see today’s newspaper, there was a page advertising the Straits Times’ SG50 book, one of the 50 things to love about Singapore is “24. Ivy League machine” accompanied by a photo of the RI crest. LOL.

Ok time to sleep! I’m glad all my sciences papers are in the afternoon hehe there’s only one more day where I have to wake up at 6.30 :D


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