no bake yumz [4 ingredient choc tart]

Made no bake oreo chocolate tarts with jolene on friday! I don’t make tarts much cos they usually need some type of cream (whipping/ heavy/ idk what else there is) which I have to specially go and buy, but these have only 4 super basic ingredients and are amazingly easy to make!!

1228 tart bw
pac man!!!
1228 tart
haagen dazs salted caramel at the back 8) (though even I think it’s overly sweet)

Recipe by jolene:

No Bake Chocolate Tart
makes 2-3 small tarts or 1 normal-sized tart

Tart crust:
1 roll oreo cookies (137g) or about 150g digestive biscuits (I like the digestives version more)
50g butter
Melt butter and crush cookies into crumbs. Mix together, mould into tart pan then freeze.
200g dark choc chips
50ml milk
50g butter
Warm milk and butter, pour over choc chips and set for 5 min, then stir till homogenous. Pour into tart crust and freeze.

When you have a chocolate craving, go make this!! No need for expensive tarts at cafes that aren’t even that great (ahem ewf)

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