nothing much

The past few weeks have been good! Lots of lazing around at home but also spent some time with people, and making + eating good food heh. Main events were:

– jollibee with yiqing and tiff! It’s totally like a kfc but with a more efficient queuing/ seating system and less variety of food haha

– watching cecilia’s band concert at esplanade! Super talented leh she only started learning clarinet in sec 4 and now playing in outside concerts already :O


– secret santa with the class gang, the “secret” part was a failure LOL but otherwise it was not bad. I was considering just getting my person (george) a box of chocolates but good thing I didn’t cos it turned out that george was my secret santa and he got me a box of chocolates….. hahahahah but ok not complaining it’s a fitting gift for me! And I discovered a hidden talent in chopping letters (the muji kind) in a straight line. Anyway we ended up playing mahjong the whole afternoon and even played with my grandfather for a few rounds lololol

– bball and soccer with stanley and co – I think having guy friends is really interesting cos if not for them I don’t think I’d do stuff like play mahjong or brawl or bball/soccer. Cecilia was saying that it’s hard to become good friends with guys and that’s sad cos they have different and valuable perspectives, I guess it’s quite true!

baking making no bake stuff! Lime cheesecake just for fun, and oreo choc tart with jolene (see prev post) :D I think I prefer baked cheesecakes but need to find a way to make them lighter like the japanese kind!

– christmas lunch at my neighbour’s house. I don’t really celebrate christmas but turkey with cranberry jam is rly yummy!! And I love the festive decorations especially baubles

a christmas feast
homemade sushi and salad on christmas eve :D
we got a free log cake!
12-25 noisy baubles
yay for baubles and bokeh

– rock climbing with my family which was quite fun! We went to a place which has an auto-belaying system on one wall and it’s scary cos when you reach the top you have to just let go and drop and hope that the belaying thing works (it’s kinda like a seat belt so it only recognizes that you’re dropping if you drop suddenly). The bouldering gym was cool too we tried climbing at the overhang parts, even a slight slope makes it a lot harder alr but there were other people doing the crazy (like 45 degree) overhangs!!!

– watched hobbit- it was ok I guess… didn’t find it that great cos I imagined the battle to be like the final LOTR which was rly epic so in comparison the hobbit one wasn’t very memorable. But I loved the elves!!

– watched Orbita!! It’s a gym performance by the National Danish Performance Team (they volunteer to train and go around the world performing for a year :O), some parts kinda random but the stunts and tumbling were wowww

Wow when I list it out like that my life sounds quite happening hahaha. I keep thinking that soon the new year will come and we’ll be back to seeing everyone in school everyday but nope….. we’re gonna be j3s!! :O


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