popiah party

New year’s eve was a pretty busy day! Morning was spent chopping french beans, shredding carrots and plucking a HUGE plateful of taugay with my sis to prepare for our family gathering aka popiah party. I’m amused that we seem to be the only family that has such things cos everyone else is like ?? what is a popiah party?? so uh basically there are loads of ingredients and everyone just makes and eats their own popiahs!

Oh and we had to chop up hard boiled eggs into small bits but we (okay I) tried to use the egg slicer (google it it’s such a smart invention and only costs $1+ at ikea) and it worked!!! As in I sliced the egg in all 3 directions and ended up with perfectly cubed egg bits HAHA

Then I finalized all my essays and stuff and submitted all the common app stuff \o/!! Sigh so much money though…..

At night the relatives came and I had 2 popiahs only (but there was so much of everything left over that we ate it again for dinner today so that brings the total to 5). Everybody who hadn’t already asked me about my uni plans asked me about my uni plans lol and I met 2 of my cousins for the first time in quite long! The youngest one (3 year old girl) is superrr cute, simin and I ended up helping her paint nail polish LOLOL

After everyone left, my mum and I went to bishan park to kaypoh the countdown celebration and see fireworks. Uh I was gonna post photos here but the rest of my family is sleeping early today for school tomorrow xP shall just sleep early too and post tomorrow!


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