no longer bumming around

Wow crap I have so much to blog about but I just spent 1h choosing a new theme and making this header hahaha. Wanted to use this theme (cubic) at first, it’s so cool but I couldn’t figure out the featured images thing plus I don’t have enough posts with images :( why must customized themes be premium bleh

Anyway most recent news: I got a job!!! (hence the title) Today’s my second day as a photographer’s assistant heh it’s v interesting cos there’s different stuff to do every day plus I love that the uniform is t-shirt jeans sports shoes xD my boss does commercial photog like for products, advertising etc and his studio has a lot of equipment and other stuff that seem very random but are actually really useful in specific situations. So for yesterday and today it’s been morning do some photoshopping (I’m super lousy and slow at it now lolol but nvm I will improve), then lunch at the building’s canteen, then setup for photoshoot, assist during photoshoot, and pack up. I quite like my job so far! Though there are random periods where I have literally nothing to do LOL like today he was talking to some client and just told me to “wait ah” for like 20min.

Went for open house on wed with dawn, it was… not very exciting haha we just nua-ed at the gym mats most of the time and we stayed until 2pm to watch street perform BUT WE MISSED IT lolol. Then came to my house and baked cookies (from the premixes that I gave someone for her bday ahem) then I had to go out again for alps meetup, we had dinner then went LAN!! I was not bad for a first-timer ok I killed the guys in some games!

Oh I haven’t blogged about the batam trip (5-6 jan) – it was pretty interesting I guess? And so cheap!! I liked go-karting and food, didn’t particularly like shopping (which we spent a lot of time on) but I got a nice black skirt which I wore for interview x)

My birthday has been over for a while but just wanna thank everyone again for remembering/ wishing me/ coming over to celebrate! From picnic with sean and the fail surprise-turned-mahjong to yiqing’s cake to the gymmers’ successful surprise and retardedness, this birthday was a v memorable one (though none of them actually happened on my bday itself LOL it was an extremely normal sunday). Like my father said, “woah your friends really quite fond of you one eh” I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such great friends but really really grateful for all of you!! :’)


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