hocus pocus humpty dumpty

Impromptu fun day today! I only found out last night that I had a random off day today, so I tried to get benny etc to go escape room but it was so annoying to organise argh and anyway they were all not free/ sick D: so sean and I decided to go by ourselves! He came over in the morning and we didn’t actually have anything to do so we played blokus again HAHA. And stalked people. We decided to ask tiff and reudi if they were free to join us for escape room cos more people more fun and they happened to be free and interested yay x)

Oh we baked oreo cheesecake cookies they’re pretty easy and very yummy!!!! Especially when fresh out of the oven heh if you ever want to bake something but don’t know what, pls go bake this you won’t regret it (5 ingredients onlyy though we added a teaspoon of vanilla essence which I think made it even better)

The escape room was quite fun! It was our first time so didn’t know what to expect but the guy was v nice and explained everything. 4 people was just nice for our room and we made it out in about 35min without asking for help yay!! The guy was quite impressed hahaha “are you sure it’s your first time??” but ya we almost made it onto the wall of fame :O it wasn’t that hard I guess but some parts were interesting! And v funny one time tiff was looking at the countdown screen and complaining about the music, then she turned around and suddenly screamed at sean who was right beside her?!? the rest of us got a shock from the screaming LOL. After escaping we went to eat egg tarts then had dinner at Chinatown food street, then went to visit jasmine (omg we are pigs hahaha). Had a good time!! :D

So ya if anyone wants to try escape room can consider exitplan.sg! It’s the cheapest out of all that I checked out but the stuff are all mostly brainy one like not much physical searching for things etc.

K gonna sleep now, tmr need to wake up early for a packed day… hope the “intellectual discussion and group presentations” thing goes well!!


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