Bad day at work today :( basically I took a long time to do an “easy job” (editing yesterday’s photos) but the shadows weren’t like what he wanted so ended up having to spend more time changing every single one. I thought today would be short but noo 2-8.30 lolol but ya it’s my fault lah. Well lesson learnt: check after doing one/ a few!!!

I wonder if getting me to do ^ is very unprofitable for him LOL. but then again for the prev 2 shoots I’m quite curious as to if I wasn’t working there, would he do all the saikang himself (doubtful) or get an experienced assistant (probably significantly more ex than me)?? k I really need to improve so I can actually help more! For the editing part for now it’s like getting paid to learn photoshop plus do abit of work hahaha

Other than that it’s been a not bad day! Got to wake up late and lunch was “double date #2” with benji and dawn who had their hospital attachment which ended at 11+ lol?? Ate at soup spoon/ handburger and I didn’t wanna spend that much so just got a soup without set but somehow that managed to last me until dinner at 9pm. I tried the ragout and it’s good heh (when I see the word ragout I think of it as rag-out lolol but it’s french!) good food and good company with random but funny conversation :D

Yesterday’s activity-based thing was really what they described it as (intellectual discussion and group presentation) LOL we were only given 1h to discuss and prepare for the presentation, and the assessors hovered around listening to our discussion… felt quite weird. Everyone other than me was super eloquent and talked a lot so uh as I told dawn, if their criteria is concise-ness and not talking excessively then I’ll definitely get in but I honestly don’t know how they can judge cos almost everyone was pretty good! Also found out that that was the second last round of selection wow :o

I wore the same top for both yesterday and the interview lolol need to get more nice tops! And maybe shoes that look nice but are comfortable too (do such shoes even exist??)

This reminds me of pw but cycling is really such a good mode of transport! It resolves my dilemma between walking (slow) and taking bus (need to pay) from the mrt/interchange cos it takes the same time as bus but is free heh. And it’s v shiok at night cos not hot and cycling fast = nice breeze 8)


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