spring cleaning

Otw back from work! Yay yesterday and today have been afternoon only and short days so I can wake up late ish/do stuff in the morning, but still reach home in time for dinner with my family (ok the tradeoff is that I get less money 4h vs a full or late day which would be at least 6h). Went to school for bball and a bit of soccer in the morning, I was a noob as usual but grr today I kept missing cos of the ball hitting and bouncing off the rim D< soccer was quite retarded cos small pitch + no goalposts so we just used some markings on the floor + everyone lazy to run a lot so it was a very relaxed game LOL but benedict is good!! Oh I bought popcorn chicken from yuan’s and talked to the uncle a bit and told him I’m j3, then he gave a few extra pieces heh :DD

Yesterday sean and I had lunch at selfish gene cafe and meh I didn’t find it that good… decided that we should stick to hawker centres next time cos it’s cheap + good food!! But selfish gene is actually a Richard Dawkins book which is about this interesting theory:

“The gene-centered view of evolution, gene selection theory, or selfish gene theory holds that adaptive evolution occurs through the differential survival of competing genes, increasing the frequency of those alleles whose phenotypic effects successfully promote their own propagation, with gene defined as “not just one single physical bit of DNA [but] all replicas of a particular bit of DNA distributed throughout the world”. The proponents of this viewpoint argue that, since heritable information is passed from generation to generation almost exclusively by genetic material, natural selection and evolution are best considered from the perspective of genes.” (from wiki)

Anyway I’ve been doing packing in the studio cos apparently these 2 weeks are quite free. It sounds like saikang but I actually enjoy it! I get a lot of autonomy lol he’s like “this kind of small thing you just decide and do yourself” and there’s seriously a crazy amount of stuff in that studio, yesterday I packed some things into trays with categories including “spa stuff” “fake flowers” and the more normal “food props”, then today was finding all the random plates/bowls and sorting them out then repacking into boxes – there’s now one box with all the ceramic/glass stuff and it’s insanely heavy!!!

(the above was written yesterday, I was lazy to finish the post after reaching home so continuing now)

Sun was the meeting with ruhui then tramp park at night! The one we went was at one ulu corner of Singapore ie. jurong x__x and pretty ex but it was rly big with a few different areas so not bad! I liked the slam dunk thing and rock wall (it’s at one side of the sponge pit so when you fall or give up you just plop in the sponge), dodgeball was fun too but v tiring omg. I think cos during trainings we take turns to jump so can rest a lot, whereas at the tramp park everyone can just jump together so you just jump continuously and sweat a lot more LOL but they had super nice huge aircon/fan things around x) after that we sat at a random coffee shop and did 36 questions, it was surprisingly not as weird as you’d expect and quite interesting! Hmm I actually think this kind of thing is nicer to talk about than like… small talk/gossip.

I realised this post has been in reverse chronological order hahaha shall continue with that. Sat… nothing much except I went to run at bishan park and visited d’leedon!! Fri was a nice chill day at home/ at the library, I have a few nice books to read now yay :)) oh one of the 36 questions was “what would constitute a perfect day?” and the first thing I thought of was that day (fri) cos for me just lazing at home and reading a book is already a pretty good day! But ya a perfect day would totally depend on the other days before/after cos if I’ve been spending a lot of time alone at home then going out with friends would be nice, but if I’ve been going out a lot then slacking at home for a day would be good too.

On thurs I went shopping! hahaha met sean at bugis and tried to look for nicer clothes… it was quite fruitful lah I got 2 tops and 1 shorts for a total of $37 :D then after that was visiting training with the gymmers!! I think we brought a lot of noise to the gym LOL but their training atmosphere really seems quite sad :S 4 days in a row is crazy?? And it sucks that their batch started off with so many new people but in the end only so few are still committed bleh. My batch is so retarded in a good way hahahaha I died laughing at all the weird things jolene somehow comes up with and yiyin trying to make a straw out of a fry………. :’)

I will try to blog more often so my posts don’t all end up like this one ie. listing out what I did every day lolol


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