life as a glorified bag carrier

Woohoo I asked my boss today and he says I can wear shorts to work if there’s no shoot for that day! Best work attire ever heh heh

Went for my first location shoot today!!! Spent 3h shooting 2 dishes at some nice jap restaurant wew I have concluded that I can’t do this kind of work permanently next time cos it requires too much patience and meticulous-ness omg every single leaf of coriander/ slice of onion/ drip of sauce must be perfect asdfghjkl I was secretly thinking “is this truly necessary??” (to borrow dawn’s phrase HAHA). But ok lah the final photos were v nice! Though honestly if I’m looking at a pic on some packaging I wouldn’t even look so closely at it loll but I guess even if you don’t consciously scrutinize the picture, the details still affect your impression soo ya..

Played bball in school again and for some reason I felt much more useful today, I actually scored quite a bit!! Mainly cos I always shoot from v near the hoop and the guys don’t rly guard me very properly (except sean grr) but that’s not the point hahaha. Left early to eat lunch with dawn before work but we didn’t know where to go and ended up eating at burger king cos i didn’t have much time before work :|

Oh this is v random but my screen protector was peeling off/had too many bubbles so I took it off and omg my phone screen is so nice and glossy I love it!! I think it has some special display thing that makes black things truly black (this is hard to explain LOL) it’s rly nice 8)

RSS yesterday was so waste time for me george and jiun harn cos we were judging math projects, of which there were only 2, and we were supposed to give feedback but there was nothing much to say… cos math no experiments so it’s just ok your proof is logical woohoo. The free food was gr8 though!!!

We were very free so went to talk to some of our teachers for a while!

Met Jolene (who stole some food) then went to sutd, there was a mini bus just to fetch 2 of us plus sophia there from rj :o what a waste of their money but it was very good for us haha. The workshop was ok lor quite fun to build sth with random materials but I thought there wasn’t much link to sutd like they should’ve taken the chance to promote themselves more? And let us know more about the uni cos the activity we did could’ve been done anywhere. But we got to see the new campus, the library is really cool!!

After the workshop me and Jolene tried to find some cafe for her work but we didn’t know where it was, so we ended up walking one round around the whole expo and finally found it BUT it was closed T__T oh well we exercised and I got a free subway cookie thanks jofatty :D


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