feeling rich

I got my pay for the 52.5h I worked in jan!!! Not a lot (not even enough to need cpf yet hahahah) but wtv woohoo 8D

Bus took so long today though I waited about 20min then the bus that came was rly full. So I decided to take a chance and wait for the next one and yay it worked I guess, had to wait quite a bit more but at least I get a seat!

I’m trying to take a pic of the nice sunset while on the bus but it is not working out argh I give up

Quite a random but nice day with sean today! We met at Somerset and walked around and like the second store we walked past happened to be a shoe shop that looked cool so we went in, and ended up getting 3 pairs of shoes in total haha hope they’re nice to wear!! I tried saizeriya for the first time and wow it’s so cheap and the lunch set has free flow drinks heh. And glacier was not bad! Quite like llaollao actually but more icy like a sorbet? But still nothing beats real icecream!

Oops forgot to post this yesterday. I’m on a bus again now hahahah otw to jurong central park (I never knew such a place existed) for gym picnic then sleepover! I made garlic bread heh it’s actually quite easy and I added whatever herbs there was at home, but the first batch got rly burnt cos I left it in the oven for like 3min?? I didn’t know broiler was so powerful LOL

Packed few days ahead haha gl to me


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