never again

I survived the intense weekend hahaha but was having runny nose and feeling bleargh the whole of yesterday soo learnt my lesson: I rly can’t sleep so late at a sleepover (ok maybe unless the next day I get to go home and just sleep). If sleep is for the week then I readily admit to being weak LOL

It was fun though! I’m lazy plus other ppl have alr blogged about it so here is a summary haha: we mostly played frisbee at the park, then went to tiff’s house to bathe and play some cards then made sushi for dinner (everyone made rly ugly fat rolls hahaha), then played just dance for a while but it was less funny than the first time. We played a lot of games like hearts German 21 polar bear resistance and mao!! One time in polar bear I was the detective and managed to guess both polar bears correctly within the first 3 rounds and got them killed off heh. Minting introduced mao to the rest of us and it was quite funny to see everyone failing and getting annoyed at first hahahha and tiff/jolene’s stupid rule…. At the start when we were trying to figure out the rules I was reminded of this thing where people have the tendency to want to “confirm” their hypothesis although you can’t actually do that, you can only disprove a hypothesis lol but I guess in a game it’s more ok cos the aim is to win rather than to figure out the rules.

Ok here’s a video that better explains what I mean, watch it!!

I slept at 4.45am which is a new record lolol tiff and I actually went to sleep (me)/got ordered by reudi to go sleep (tiff) at 3.30ish but it took a while to actually get sleepy so we talked a bit!

I actually got… almost 6h of sleep? Which sounds not that bad what like on school nights I used to sleep about 7h but somehow sleeping late is still a bad idea. In the morning we lazed around and watched random videos, then most people had to go so it was just me yiyin tiff reudi left. We had brunch then tried to learn contract bridge but it was too intense for our sleep-deprived brains HAHA so switched to playing wii until I left for 211 clique lunch. Wow good thing I was alr in the west lol otherwise the travelling to jurong east ._. anyway we sat at miam miam for a few hours, I tried the french toast which was not bad! But after a while it gets a bit sian cos there’s quite a lot of bread. At first it was kinda quiet and awkward but after shamen and sudesna came it got a lot better haha

There was a location shoot on monday which was supposed to be half day but ended up taking the whole day, we only had “lunch” at around 5 T__T it was not v good I made some mistakes and I think he got quite pissed one time but phew I’m rly glad he’s patient and quite good-tempered!


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