Visited tekong yesterday to send sean in! The whole thing took a ridiculously long time, his reporting time at pasir ris was 10.45 then after going through everything we only got back to pasir ris at 5+ x__x and I’d been considering telling my boss I could still work in the afternoon lolol

From pasir ris interchange we had to queue up to take the bus to the ferry terminal, then take ferry across (the one we took there was called Penguin Tekong hahahah). Saw benji fan stanley jau and sean saw quite a lot of other people he kinda knew!

Oh the night before sean told me “I need to wear nicely” “you should too! Like not slippers shorts tee”, obviously I thought means legit nice so I wore a SKIRT plus uh nice top. And turns out he wore……. the Johnny bravo tshirt 😒😒😒 tsk how is Johnny bravo shirt = wearing nicely cheat my feelings!!!

Anyway quite soon after the ferry they separated the boys from the rest and we had a bus tour of bmtc (basic military training centre), chow xiang said it’s looks like a low-budget hdb estate haha but not bad there are bball courts! Though idk if they’ll actually have time to play haha. We saw the obstacle course which I wanna try LOL (without backpack and rifle ofc) and got off aka “debus-ed” to see the bunks, a static display of the stuff they will get, and a mini gallery thing. Then they brought us to the canteen to wait a while, by then it was alr 1+/ almost 2 so I was getting hungry HAHA bought some snacks to eat which on hindsight was a v good decision cos after that there was still the oath taking ceremony THEN lunch. When we went into the auditorium the guys were alr seated in a block and they looked so sad omg we thought they’d gotten scolded alr but sean said they were told not to wave at their parents and to sit with fists clenched o__o we had to watch the saf corporate video, then the ns journey video, then had a talk by the commanding officer (?) of the school which was all a bit boring haha then finally the oath! I was v amused by the first part “I, (nric no. and full name),…” the guy on stage literally said “nric number” then all the guys followed with “S ashbakajflsal” (everyone saying their own nric) hahahaha

Ya anyway after the oath taking ceremony we had lunch tgt! The guys went out first and stood in 2 lines for the parents to walk through and pick up their sons LOL it was v funny like they were lining up for sale xD

The lunch was not bad! Or maybe everyone was so hungry by then that anything would’ve been nice hahaha but ya got a huge drumstick 8) and an egg that sean finished unflinchingly 👍👍 good job sean

After lunch they had to line up in rows and all the parents were taking photos lolol then they marched (ok not really they just walked) off! Surprisingly we didn’t see any parents crying HAHA maybe cos it was quite sudden and everyone was scrambling to finish eating/ clear their trays so they didn’t have time to get emotional

Anyway ALL DA BEST sean benji stanley in viper company plus fan george chan and everyone else!!!


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