milk + banana + frozen strawberries = ?

Made a strawberry banana smoothie for breakfast today!! It was surprisingly filling (I think partly cos there was a lot of air incorporated when blending) but yay it’s v easy to make and tastes not bad :D

I’ve been getting more liberal with my spending since I started earning money LOL other than eating out I’ve spent my own money on 1 shorts 2 tops 2 shoes and $15 worth of fruits yesterday to make smoothies (on a side note yay I’m good at choosing fruits heh. Or maybe that ntuc only sells nice fruits hahaha)

Also why do I keep wearing similar things as other people recently HAHA couple shirt with reudi during gym picnic then yesterday matching shorts and shoes as benny……

Yay I’m gonna be early for work for once lolol (edit: my boss was 30min late LOL but nvm I went to visit my grandma!)


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