3 pineapples

Walked past a _____ shop just now and they’re using a photo from last week’s shoot alr so cool!!!!

And I made pineapple tarts too! I was gonna try out with 1 pineapple first but omg thank goodness I didn’t cos that would’ve been a little less effort but A LOT less results. So I ended up using 3 pineapples (on a side note they’re rly cheap hahaha like $1.60 each?)

In case anyone wants to know (I tried searching but couldn’t find it anywhere) 1 pineapple makes about 20 tarts!

Dawn came yesterday to help make! We had about 60 balls of pineapple paste but not enough pastry so only got like 40 tarts

Ok time for picture spam hahaha

pineapple peeling
pineapples r rly ugly…. and peeling them is hard work
draining the juice after blending
I got about 1 litre of juice and 1 litre of flesh from 3 pineapples
getting more water out
this is all the paste I got :'(
all ready for baking!
:D (photo by dawn)
:D (photo by dawn)

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