with my rifle and my buddy and me

…I’ve been hearing so much army talk that I can recognize the songs alr LOL

This has been my most happening cny ever, normally for my family it’s day 1 see everybody alr then slack at home for the remaining days but cos the guys are out of tekong for the first time in 2 weeks everyone has been meeting up! Somehow for me everything managed to fit in nicely into these 5 days yay :)

On 除夕 sean booked out rly early and got fetched home so I met him for lunch! We were being indecisive about where to eat but I was rly hungry so we just bought and ate icecream first hahaha. We ended up at hot tomato again (same place as his bday surprise last time LOL) cos sean wanted to eat beef, then went to drink coffee and sat there for a while. Then we were thinking of meeting tiff and reudi and got a lemon tart from Paul/Paul’s?? idk but ya it cost 7 bucks and we were gonna bring it to tiff’s house to share. But then we realized there was quite little time so no point travelling to tiff’s house to spend 20min there…. by then we’d alr left the coffee shop/cafe place and had no place to sit and eat our tart LOL we considered sitting at the field beside the interchange but in the end decided to go jcube and sit at the ice skating gallery place. We ate the tart very uncivilized-ly hahahaha cos no fork or knife!!

Walked around jcube for a bit and I bought a skirt for simin to wear the next day hahaha such last min cny shopping xD

Sean said they’re supposed to be Changed Men after the two weeks but no he’s still the same what… except the bald head and a bit more muscle 💪 (I was gonna put an emoji for bald head too but realized all the emoji faces are bald anyway oops)

Wow this is v slow progress i need to be more concise HAHA k at night my family had dinner at a coffee shop near my house, it was kinda squeezy but otherwise ok la considering how much more ex restaurants are. Oh rachyl’s family was there too so qiao!! After dinner they all came my house and my cousins helped us shred chicken for our 初一 meesua hahahah we had to shred 3 chickens but it was quite fast with more people!

初一 was the same as every other year- dad’s side in the morning, come home take nap, mum’s side comes for mee sua at night. Oh plus my dad was inspired by some story on fb so he woke me and my sis up early to we wash the car to earn our angpaos LOL

On 初二 I went to jiun harn’s house in the morning (yay for direct buses) for class gathering which was kinda sad cos there were only 7 of us but nvm better than nothing I guess! We sat and ate cny goodies and talked (mostly about ns) for a while, then played bridge hahaha. It was a bit weird lol but still nice to see them again!

(I just went down the escalator at a mrt station then saw that the sunset was super pretty and took escalator up again to take photo but by then the sun had set by quite a lot alr wow?? Still quite nice though heh)

I left after lunch cos my mum’s dad’s side ppl all came to our house, I thought our house quite big alr but clearly not big enough for soo many people .__. had a v busy afternoon serving drinks/ taking photos of people/ entertaining kids LOL. I found out that I have a few cousins on that side who are around my age so talking to them was quite ok!

At night my family plus sean went to the river hongbao thing… it’s an experience lor I guess but I wouldn’t really wanna go again so crowded zzz

On sat I met the guys! Who are all bald hahahhaa I didn’t recognise george at first. We wanted to go visit everyone’s houses which was v complicated to plan but anyway in the end we spent too much time mahjonging at benny’s house LOL then didn’t wanna rush everywhere so we only went to 2 houses. We spent most of the travelling time chioging benji’s card HAHA and most of the non-travelling time playing stuff (mahjong at benny’s / bridge at sean’s house)

Thenn I went jolene’s house for gym gathering/ jasmine’s bday celeb, I made a watermelon shark HAHA it turned out quite cute ok! The surprising part was super retarded cos at first everyone hid at the balcony except me Jolene yiyin reudi jazlee jasmine and it was super awkz before the rest finally revealed themselves lololol. As expected the guys kept talking about ns and we were very noisy in general my ears died during pictionary LOL and polar bear was super hard cos so many people!!

The food was good though chicken wraps (cos jasmine wanted to eat healthy) plus chocolate fondue 8) I helped to roast marshmallows in the toaster hahaha it’s actually rly effective! Attendance was v impressive too especially considering it’s cny haha woohoo it was a fun night :)

On sun morning I baked cookies for sean to bring into tekong but he was so paranoid psh if plain cookies aren’t considered dried food then what is??? But yeah went to his house again with tiff reudi and hew who were already there and playing the game of Mao hahahaha hew’s taiti rule was v confusing but funny! Reudi had to leave quite early though so we took photos and tried to take fake candid shots LOL then there were four of us left and a mahjong table alr set up so naturally… tiff never played before so we did 2 rounds of open cards in which her cards were super good!?

Then I sent sean to pasir ris (ie. took car there with his family LOL) and found benji and Stanley too! We took a quite nice pic that I wanna post but I realized I don’t have anywhere to post cos I’m against posting people photos on both here and insta…..

Ok going for work now!


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