potassium hydroxide

Yesterday was a retarded day at work LOL I reached at 2 and my boss hadn’t eaten lunch so I spent 1h accompanying him to eat lunch, then I tried to get his video camera to work but it refused to so I went to google the manual and stuff and figured it was probably cos the video cam is too old and only works with SD cards of max capacity 2GB (!!) Then he didn’t have anything for me to do alr so I sorted out some of his old photos then went home at 5.30 LOL

Having all the guys at tekong is rly annoying for communication omg….. I made a whatsapp group for benny’s bday with 9 guys at noon yesterday, and by the time I got home after work (7pm) there were zero replies, it was received by: 1 guy and read by: 1 guy lololol

But for such a last minute plan + super limited communication it turned out quite well!! I copied the name banner thing that the gymmers wrote on for my bday heh. Uhh I had a good plan (of putting the letters in a navy envelope that they sent me last time, then printing his name and address so it’ll look real and putting the envelope in his mailbox) which worked out well except the last part cos his letterbox was locked!! D: and nobody was at home so I just left it at his gate and messaged him mehh

I had wraps again for lunch today! With the leftover mee sua shredded chicken and mushroom haha I think as long as you add cheese and mayo to anything it’ll taste good x)

Ok going for work again, hope there are more things for me to do today HAHA


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