Long day today!! V sleepy now but I doubt I can fall asleep on the bus so just gonna blog about today

In the morning I went to benny’s house there and we played bball for the first time in quite a while cos… literally all of them are in NS now. I was quite useless as usual but it was fun! And felt good to know that I was exercising HAHA it was really hot cos the shaded bball court was used by other people D: then we surprised benny with belated bday cake which he didn’t suspect at all even though his dad kinda gave it away lolol

When I think about it it’s actually quite random that I’m friends with this bunch of guys but well they’re nice people and it’s interesting! Although now 99% of the time is spent discussing army zzz

Oh ya when we were bball-ing there were 3 small boys playing at the court next to ours, then after a while they just stood around and watched us then started coming nearer so we figured they wanted to play with us. So we played tgt and it was super funny!!! The boys were wearing soccer jerseys so we called them “eh messi/torres/neymar” and just gave chance cos they’re really small hahahaha plus seeing these big guys being so encouraging to the little boys…. :’)

After coming home from my grandparents’ house I showered then left for tiff’s house, I figured since I lived the furthest away I should just leave earlier then the rest can adjust based on my timing but that did not work out well LOL. I ended up at botanic gardens too early (tiff was still at sean’s house with crew) so I sat at the platform for a while, then decided to go meet her at sean’s house but that took longer than expected and in the end the whole bunch of people at sean’s house decided to go to tiff’s house too soo that was pretty weird. We sat in tiff’s room and talked and uhh there were some awkward silences but they’re quite good at making conversation so I guess it could’ve been a lot worse! Ruixiang was telling us about his 3 part time jobs and being very proud of how he scoops extra icecream for people and hew kept linking everything to “ruixiang likes boys” HAHA

We had KFC’s Golden Fortune Feast for dinner as per dawn’s request, she mainly wanted it cos of the pineapple egg tarts but in the end she didn’t even eat any cos she “doesn’t like egg tarts” lolwut?!

Then we stood at one corner and sang happy bday for her father with the other people and took a photo with him LOL and then we hung around the corridor while tiff got food for us hahahha

Chrystal and ong left first so after eating the cake + jelly we migrated back to tiff’s room and played the game of Mao, only ruixiang never played before so I thought it shouldn’t have been very hard for him to figure out but apparently not??? He never observe properly and kept doing nonsense and not understanding hahahaha the rest of us died laughing

Got home pretty late but at least I had a straight bus plus bicycle at the bus stop (I locked it there when I went to benny’s house and it was just there the whole day hahahaha)

So strange two of my ucas offers changed from condi 3As to unconditional!! Like without me doing anything at all O__O

Going to work now haha I’m such a good employee man I volunteered to come in the morning cos there’s stuff from last week to touch up. Hope I finish it quickly then can go for class lunch (I suggested pizza hut cos the guys have vouchers and apparently it’s rly happening LOL YAY free food!!)

If anyone’s reading this, GL for results!!!


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