“silly letters”

So results were out on monday, I didn’t do as well as I’d liked but nothing I can do (could’ve done??) about it and well life goes on! Dawn thought I was lying at first when I told her LOL

My class as a whole did surprisingly badly (not in absolute terms but compared to what I think most people expected), mostly cos of GP :/ hence contributing to the fall in no of people with 8 distinctions lolol. But when I think about the fact that across Singapore 91.4% of students PASSED a levels, it really puts things into perspective and feels quite stupid to be upset over a B or two. But ofc it depends on your expectations and what you’re aiming for so yeah. For me getting into unis should be ok haha just that I hope it won’t affect scholarships too much?

Anyway I had a good time eating haagen dazs (sean treat hehe) and hanging out with classmates for the rest of the day!

Yesterday dawn and I visited Cecilia at the communicable diseases centre again but I took bus from novena this time to escape walking under the sun xD it wasn’t officially visiting hours yet but cecilia came out from her ward and we just sat near the security guards place and talked! (if you didn’t know: she had a lung infection but is discharged alr) dawn had to go for work at 12 so we had a very rushed lunch at once upon a thyme which was good!!

Then I met sean and we got roped into doing some SG50 thing (ruixiang’s job HAHA) where basically we took a photo of ourselves on a tablet then “drew” us by tracing over the photo. Mine was rly ugly but it’s hard ok…. :( and sean drew himself looking like a bank robber hahahaha

Finally tried yellow submarines (at toa payoh), the classic one is v cheesy and so are the fries so individually they’re good but together I think it’s a bit too much.

Work is getting interesting cos we’re preparing to shoot a video! Yesterday I tried damn alot of mic/camera settings to see which is best for audio recording, today onwards we’re apparently gonna be practising shooting and editing. Hope it’s fun and I gain some filming skills!!


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