“what tile are you standing on?”

Busy weekend going to all the open houses but I guess it’s been quite eye-opening! Like there rly are lots of choices and interesting programmes in the local unis so if I don’t get a scholarship I won’t be v sad cos local is also quite attractive

Oh on friday I had a full day of work wah v tiring to stand around the whole day. But quite cool we did the shoot at the company’s r&d kitchen and their cakes are super pretty!! Oh I got 错怪’d by my boss hmph cos he was shooting from a high angle and needed a chair to stand on, but at that place there were only rolly chairs (the kind with wheels) so it was v unstable and whenever he stood on it I had to hold the chair to try to stabilize it (which was quite ineffective but hey it’s rly hard). So after a while I asked the person from that company who was overseeing the photoshoot whether she could bring a stool/chair from her office, so ya she went and got a stable chair for him. Then later on when we were abit free my boss asked me “how come even she knows I need chair but you don’t know ah” i.e. tsk what u doing or rather tsk why you not doing what you’re supposed to do BUT xcuse me I was the one who told her to bring it!!! 😒😒 so ya I told him that then he had nothing to say HAHA

On sat I went around with dawn and cecilia! The morning was a mess cos we were planning to go to smu first, but Cecilia suddenly said she didn’t want to go smu anymore so she’s going straight to ntu. And cos dawn and I weren’t that keen on smu either we decided to all just go ntu first but cecilia was uncontactable as usual urgh. But anyway it worked out in the end, I met cecilia and we travelled to jurong east tgt and cut the shuttle bus queue to join dawn at the front LOL. Basically their open house convinced me that I don’t want to go to ntu because it’s so ulu….. This may sound like a superficial reason but it isn’t cos research has shown that long commutes are bad for health and happiness!!! And anyway nus comp science is better so if I’m going for the safe, traditional course I’ll just go to nus.

The main hall place was so crazily crowded I didn’t feel like going to any of the booths so… while dawn and cecilia went to ask about the courses they were considering I spent some time loitering around the sides of the place (behind all the booths) which were much less crowded LOL. But ok we found out about the renaissance engineering programme, it’s kinda like a HP but for engineering lolol

Cecilia had a lot of things she wanted to do (meet people and go for talks) so we split up, dawn and I went to eat lunch then wandered around trying to find the med building but that failed hahahah so we rejoined the crowd. And then got bored after a while so we left for smu!

Smu’s open house plan worked very well LOLOL we went there mostly cos dawn wanted her free spotify premium account but after talking to people at the info systems person booth and going for the campus tour we’re both now seriously considering applying there! (I realized that when I type my blog posts I tend not to use commas and sometimes I write pretty long sentences hahaha but they’re understandable right??)

Oh we also got 2 free powerbanks each from the iDA code for charity thing heh heh. The game thing quite fun also, not very hard but like when you complete each level you get this sense of accomplishment!

We met Nicole at smu too, she applied for psc and had a 4 hour psychological interview wowz

Then I went for dinner with dawn! We were indecisive as usual but ended up going dhoby cos convenient and ate at just acia – their business vv good leh they’ve expanded from one shop to taking over the whole middle section of dhoby exchange!! Soon that part will just be all just acia loll. I actually don’t think their mains are that good and yesterday I got full quite quickly so I didn’t eat a lot of icecream D: but yeah yay good day :)

This morning I woke up early boohoo met sean at Adam road at 0800 (!!!) and I figured Adam road is almost exactly in between our houses by bus haha so cool! Yummy nasi lemak for breakfast then nua-ed at his house for a while then I left to go yiqing’s house for her birthday surprise!! “wah I really didn’t expect yall to come” hahahaha woohoo surprise success :D

Yay for sutd’s shuttle bus from jurong east hahaha I just spent the whole ride typing this post!


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