early mornings and late nights at the studio

My work alternates between standing the whole day (during photoshoots) and sitting the whole day (when touching up photos) and I can’t decide which is worse hahaha. Thank goodness for the trolley though so I don’t have to carry equipment much, for yesterday’s shoot we used so much equipment omg took me rly long to pack up :(

On wed morning five people came for a shoot in the studio, so including me and my boss and the food stylist it was eight people needed to take photos of bread wts!! And most of the time the other people were just sitting around and chatting then once in a while after a few shots they come and give their comments then repeat…. Soo inefficient no wonder that shop’s things are so expensive .__. And honestly quite retarded lor it made me think about econs and how GDP is supposed to be an indicator of standard of living cos more things produced = more goods and services for people to consume, but then these people are getting paid to make nice pictures and advertisements that probably nobody really even looks at. In a sense it’s incredibly unproductive lol and I don’t think I’d want to work in advertising/ commercial photography in the long run cos it isn’t really meaningful to me.

Oh also the bread was actually so lousy (they’re the buns with filling kind and the actual products had very little filling) but for each flavour the food stylist combined the fillings from like 3 buns plus added her own fillings to make it look v nice in the photo. So after the shoot I asked my boss if he feels like he’s cheating consumers cos the products are so meh but they’re styled until so fakely nice, he said “cannot call it cheating la” and that commercial photography is about making photos that will get people to buy the product so… ok lor haha

I wanna buy and paint nice wooden boards to use as backgrounds for my own food photog!

Applying for scholarships has been amusing… I have an interview scheduled alr even though I haven’t even submitted my application LOL (sorry this is the only para that’s not about work hahahaha this week rly work too much alr)


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