argh @ applications

Oh the sidebar and main place for typing posts switched sides o__o ok wp is there really much point in that

Applying for local unis has made me rly grateful for the efficiency of the US/UK systems and also brightsparks!! I just submitted my NUS app and uh it’s not say very hard to use but it could be so much more user-friendly ie. providing more consolidated info about applying and having clearer instructions for some parts.

Also getting increasingly irritated when people ask for info that they could’ve just searched for themselves T__T especially when I’m asked something then I try to help the person find and it turns out to be the first result on google….. lmgtfy to the rescue hahahah

NUS open house was insanely crowded but the computing talk was good! Convinced me towards cs rather than info systems but I’m slightly against nus cos it’s such a safe and traditional route to take (also more tangibly: the lecture/tutorial style is quite boring as evidenced by linear alg and I guess at nus many of the classes will be like that). I went for the law open house with dawn and cecilia and was put off by the dean’s talk because of how he seemed to look down on smu law, I mean it’s expected that you wanna market your programme but I thought he wasn’t being very respectful towards them ._. anyway we met nicole jasmine tiff reudi and went to see the mock trial thing which I thought would be cool but uh it was confusing and weird and there was no resolution D< imo it’s kinda dumb that each lawyer is trying to twist all the info to suit his/her side of the story rather than trying to uncover the truth of the matter. But I guess in law truth is not extremely important?? Anyway clearly law is not for me haha

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the local uni applications are soo singaporean?? Like for each uni the system allows/encourages you to put in a whole bunch of courses (nus has 8 single degree + 8 special programmes, smu has 5 choices when there are only 6 courses you could choose from) and see what you can get into. It’s like the same idea as JAE after O levels – my sis has been getting lots of brochures from polys and I saw one of them that had a page on “how to maximize your 12 choices” by putting courses you want but may be out of reach based on past years cut-off for the first 4 choices, then courses you’re interested in and can most likely get in for the next 4, then last 4 for “less competitive choices which you can clearly get into”. So you basically get into the “best” (ie. hardest to get in) sch/course that your grades allow you to… (ofc there are people who choose to go to poly when they can get into jc etc, but this is meant to be a generalization)

Whereas in the UK you have to seriously consider what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what you wanna do in the future, and decide on essentially one course that you want to study. Then you apply to unis with different rankings and acceptance rates and specializations but all for the same course. So you end up doing the course that you’ve chosen, rather than the course you happened to get into because of your grades!

I guess Singapore’s system is limited by the number of unis we have, so we can’t really follow the UK way since there may only be 2 unis offering the course you want. But still I think it’s quite weird that you can apply for totally unrelated courses! Like med and law and engineering o__o

Wow it’s 12.30 ok time to sleep


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