6 interviews in 6 days

Attending uni/scholarship interviews is my new part time job LOL I legit have one every day this week on average (tues was a rest day but on sat there are 2 which means I can only go for the first hour of POP boohoo)

But well not complaining cos this is a choice I made! And even if none are successful uh I guess it would’ve been very good practice for interviews. I used to be rly scared for interviews but it’s already getting less bad now, hopefully that means I’m performing better in interviews too?

Oh ya if you’re reading this and you’re applying for iDA/ MPA/ ST engg/ JTC/ LTA scholarships, tell me then we can exchange info!! I’ve been trying to search for people blogging about their interviews/ assessment centre experiences but can hardly find any :( I’ve decided to record down all my scholarship selection process experiences and post about them one day so future applicants can be more mentally prepared than I am lol.

Went to bali with dawn and tiff last week!! Tues early morning to sat and I’ve learnt that 2.30am flights are quite a bad idea unless I get to sleep a lot the next day. I’m lazy to write in detail about the trip hahaha go see our photos on fb! It was generally quite fun and the villa was rly nice (the hotel not bad too) and I got a new prof pic from surfing heh. We kinda fell sick midway through and ended up spending most of the rest of the trip lying in bed ._. quite wasted lol we could’ve eaten more good food but instead survived on mostly porridge D:

How do I decide which US uni I want ahhh the 3 I got in are very different (5k undergraduates vs 13k vs 30k) but all sound cool also!


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