complicated future

It feels good to be able to buy things with my own money!! Not that I’ve earned a lot, last month’s $600+ is the highest so far hahaha. But yeah I feel like I’m on my way to becoming an independent person! ^^

Just now I went to ntuc intending to buy blueberries to make blueberry waffles but ended up buying reese’s (they were on sale), mentos cool chews lime mint (my current pack is finishing), calbee hot & spicy (I walked past that aisle and had a sudden craving for chips), strawberries (on sale too) and grapes. No blueberries cos they weren’t on sale and thus v ex LOL.

I’ve more or less decided that for local unis I’m gonna pick sutd over nus (and smu) but well I’m still going for nus scholarship interview on fri and if they somehow impress me very much I may reconsider..? But yeah most likely sutd! Sean is worried that if I go to sutd I’ll regret it because nus is like the safe, tried and tested path, but I think if I go to nus I’ll be forever wondering what if I’d taken the “risk” chosen sutd hahaha. Hmm on personality tests stuff I tend to put more of the “sticking to established methods” options than the “taking risks and forging new paths” options but maybe that’s not reallyyy reflective of me? :o

Anyway my future is kinda complicated LOL. Basically the problem is that sutd starts super early (may 6 or 7th I forgot which) so if I’m enrolling I need to confirm by next monday, but I probably won’t know my scholarship results by then. And for US unis the enrollment reply date is 1 May and I still may not know all my scholarship results by then. So I’m probably gonna accept both sutd and cmu then see if I get a scholarship!

Going for (a certain company)’s final interview on friday!!!!! The attire is Formal and neither me nor my mum has formal clothes so I went to G2000 and bata today to buy my collared shirt + skirt and court shoes lolol. I spent super long in the changing room trying the sizes and deciding between white and light blue HAHA but the person was rly helpful! Pls let the interview go well ahhh being rejected after getting so far would suck. a lot.

Work has been more of part-time now and my boss has a new assistant! I was v amused cos for last tuesday’s Important Shoot he told me “today’s shoot I don’t want to use (the other assistant) cos she too inexperienced” i.e. I am now considered (relatively) experienced!!! LOL.


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