still not sure where I’m going lol

It’s weird but I feel like this weekend has been too long and I can’t wait for it to be finally over LOL. Mostly because I’m still waiting for The Call or at least an email which will determine whether I’m going to study at sutd or cmu! I don’t really mind either but it’s kind of unsettling that sutd starts in literally a few days and I don’t know for sure whether I’m going there or not haha.

Certain discoveries have made me… less excited about cmu….. but yeah if I get the chance I’ll still go!

I’ve stopped working cos I may be starting school soon or maybe doing an internship, and since my boss has a new assistant I figured it’ll be ok for him, plus the new assistant can get more work cos she’s legitly working, unlike me who’s just passing time hahaha. But I’m giving his website a makeover hehe it’s rly old and uncool currently LOL

Oops I forgot to continue this post but well 1.5 weekdays have passed and still no news s i g h. So now I’m at a clinic doing my medical examination for sutd haha v last minute i know but what to do :| I went to the clinic and did urine test (i.e. pee on a strip of indicators), then went to sata (a bigger clinic nearby) to do my x-ray, and now I’m back at the clinic waiting to do the rest of the checkup!

SUTD orientation starts tomorrow!!!


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